The Quality, Security and Environment (QSE) policy implemented in CARE is based on the individuals’ and environment’s protection.


Controlling and preventing the risks means for the teams to be able to identify and evaluate them, suggest remedies and implement the chosen measures: control and prevention go with managerial principles.


CARE is continuously developing an improvement policy since it has been certified ISO 9001 in 2003.

CARE is certified SQAS.

CARE is Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).


As CARE is subject to the SEVESO regulations, the means of safety enforced on the logistical platform are a priority goal.


The core of our company’s strategy relies on the architectural and technical aspects of our facilities, which were designed to last in time and made to respect the environment.

CARE Le Havre - Site SEVESO - Réglementation

The process and implemented means ensure a high safety level suited to site’s activity:


  • Site’s entrance subject to an access control and surveillance patrols 
  • Site under video surveillance
  • Round system monitoring (except operating hours)
  • Disaster management Exercises
  • Annual Internal Operation Plan (POI) exercise


The environment protection and legislation respect are at the heart of the company strategy:


  • Collection of accidental spilling
  • Automatic closing of aqueous discharges in case of accident



CARE is specialised to store hazardous chemical products. It’s located in Le Havre which embodies the crossroads of the main shipping routes in all western Europe.





Port N° 4998
Route de la Plaine
76 700 ROGERVILLE (France)

Tél : 33 (0)2 35 24 69 10

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